Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the frequently asked questions people have had about our business. If your question isn’t answered below, give us a call at 647 340 0699 and we will answer it the old fashioned way.

General Information

Who is the Signature Video Group?

The Signature Video Group is a Toronto based Web Video Marketing Agency. Our team is made up of professional communicators, award winning filmmakers and technical gurus.  

What kind of video production do you do?

We specialize in producing video specifically for the web (it’s the most versatile medium for our clients) but we can also produce content for TV and other mediums. Let us know what your needs are and we will find a solution that fits.

Where are you located?

We are based in Toronto, Ontario but shoot all business profiles on location at your business. All Infinite White shoots or anything that requires studio work is shot at JPC Post Studios in the Junction District.

Why don't you have an office?

The reason why we don’t have a physical office space is simple: We don’t really need one. Our shoots are all conducted on location at our clients businesses or in our partners studio space. Post work is done in the comfort of our editors homes, eliminating the cost of expensive office space.  Our business model is designed to minimize overhead, which allows us to pass the savings on to our clients. Professional video production at an affordable price.

Pre-Production Questions

What is this Free Consultation thing?

Every video production, whether it be a single business profile or a complete video campaign, all starts with a Free Consultation. This can be done in person at your business or over the phone at your convenience. We want to find out what your business is all about, what your key messages are and how we can deliver them in a creative, and effective way. After the consultation, you will be sent a brief overview of what kind of video we think would work best for you. If you like it, we can start the process. If your not quite ready yet, no problem. Put it on the back burner and let us know when your ready to rock.

What should I wear for the shoot?

Don’t stress over what to wear for your video. We recommend you dress the way you normally would for work. If there is a uniform, wear it. The only thing we suggest not to wear is anything with crazy patterns and colors. Solid colors work best when possible.

Ok, I think I want a video. What next?

Once you’ve made the decision to work with us (smart choice), we start the discovery process. You will be asked to fill out our Discovery Form, which will give us an in depth view of your business, and an understanding of your goals. After reviewing this document, we will send you a detailed project estimate and contract. Once you have accepted both of these, we will schedule your shoot.

I've Signed the contract and accepted the estimate. Now what?

So now your fully on board. Welcome. The pre-production process is really simple. Once we have selected a shoot date and time, you will be sent a pre-production document letting you know how the shoot will go, and helpful tips on how to get ready. Because our interviews are unscripted, all you really need to do is show up on the shooting day ready to talk about your business.

Do I need to prepare a script or speaking points?

With both our Business Profiles and Infinite White videos, we do everything unscripted. All you need to do is talk about your business. By keeping things conversational, your message will be delivered in a more natural and authentic manner. No actors or professional spokespeople here, just real people talking about real topics.

Does it have to be the business owner in the video?

We are often asked if it has to be the business owner or “boss” in the video, and although we suggest the speaker be someone senior in the business (it adds credibility) it really can be anyone. In fact, video is the perfect way for you to showcase the stars on your staff. As long as they understand the business and what makes it special, they are perfect for your video.

Production Questions

What happens on Shoot Day?

If you have ordered a Business Profile video, a two person crew (Director and Producer) will arrive on location at your business at the scheduled arrival time. If you have ordered an Infinite White Video, you will meet us at our studio space at JPC Post Studios in the Junction. Your producer will go over the details of the shoot while the director scouts for b-roll opportunities and sets up the lights for your interview. Then over the next 2-4 hours we will interview you (or whoever you choose to speak), shoot support footage for your video and conduct several customer testimonials. 

How long will my shoot take?

If you have ordered a Business Profile Video or an Infinite White Video, you can expect your shoot to take between 2 and 4 hours from start to finish. It all depends on how the interview goes, how much footage there is to shoot and several other factors. In all, for half a day of shooting, you will have a video useful for years to come.

What will the interview process be like?

We know our clients are normal people and not corporate spokespeople. This is why we make your interview process extremely simple. The interview will range from 15-30 minutes and will be conducted by a communications professional that has studied your key messages ahead of time. We make sure to ask the right questions in order to provoke responses that can be used in your video. We make sure to keep things conversational to deliver the most authentic and natural response possible. Even if you have never been in front of a camera, we will make sure you look and sound great.

What if I need a longer shoot?

Sometimes there is more to cover than can be covered in 4 hours (like a full day event or function). This is no problem. Let us know ahead of time and we can schedule a crew for as long as you need. After the 4 hour period we switch to a rate of $160/hr for the crew and equipment.

Can I have more than 1 shooting location?

We are sometimes asked if we can shoot in multiple locations for a single business profile and the short answer is “it depends”. Our price is based on 2-4 hours in one location. If additional locations are absolutely necessary to tell the story of your business, then we can arrange ahead of time to cover those locations. There will be a fee of $400 for each additional location.

What about customer testimonials?

Customer testimonials are arguably the most persuasive aspect of your video. We urge our clients to have customers ready to talk to us on shooting day. In fact, every Business Profile video includes up to 3 customer testimonials. Let your customers tell the world how great you are!