Whether we’re creating from scratch or working from a brief, here is exactly how we take your video from first conversation to final cut. Breathe easy knowing we have every step covered.

1) Discovery 

A conversation with you and your team to discuss goals, key messages, target audience, budget and any specific project requirements. Our goal: discover what we’re saying and to whom.

2) Creative

We take what we’ve learned and craft concepts for your video. This can be as simple as a writing a basic outline to scripting and storyboarding. We can work from your brief or create from scratch.

3) Pre-Production 

We plan and schedule all aspects of the production. Casting, crew, equipment, locations, permits… just a few of the things we consider when prepping for your shoot.

4) Production  

It’s shoot day. Depending on the scope of your project, this could be as simple as a 2 person crew at your event, to a team of dozens on your national commercial. Our talent pool is deep.

5) Post-Production 

We sort, assemble and polish the raw elements of your project into a sparkling finished gem. Our custom video CMS makes revisions as simple as pause and comment.

6) Delivery

We deliver your video project in all requested formats in the form of downloadable links. We can also provide you with the raw footage and always store additional copies for safe keeping.

Seeding & Measurement 

Making video content is only a part of how we can help your business. We provide comprehensive solutions in hosting, content management, optimization, video seeding and analytics. No matter where your audience is, we help your content find them and measure how they engage with it.

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