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I just came across an interesting report from that talked about online video consumption in Canada. It looks like when we aren’t playing hockey, we are watching online video.

The report found that Canadians watched over 3.1 billion online videos in February of 2009. These video’s were watched by 21 million Canadians and showed a 53% increase in viewership over last year.

The report also stated that Canadians watch an average of 605 minutes of online video each month. That’s 10 hours a month!

Check out the report here.

There are a number of reasons why we come up #1, but the most significant factor is certainly the high broadband penetration here in Canada. With so many people having access to high speed internet, we have the infrastructure to support so much video viewing.

This gives small businesses in Canada more proof that online video is something to look at for their 2010 marketing strategies. With so many of their customers (and future customers) watching online video, it just makes sense to be seen in that market place.

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Chris Stasiuk

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