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So You’ve Got An Event Coming Up…

In December we had the opportunity to visit the set of Fitness Star International and Affinity Luxury Car Rentals Calendar Photo shoot in Toronto to shoot some behind the scenes video. Obviously fitness models and exotic cars make for compelling video content, but no matter what your business is, you can capture new customers with a well thought out behind the scenes video.


The Opportunity

As a professional video production company, we have been involved in our fair share of events and we know how hectic it can be to organize. With a million things to do, the last thing you need to think about is getting a video made, right? Well, maybe not, but by hiring a professional video production company that understands your business objectives you can use the backdrop of any event to deliver a powerful video that showcases your business key messages and drives new customers to your business.

Events and special functions are amazing opportunities to capture candid moments that can really tell your companies story to potential customers. Plus, at events there are usually all sorts of friends and already happy customers more than willing to say great things about your business.  You would think that with all this great stuff going on you could just flick on the camera on your I-Phone and capture all the glory, right? Well, you could, but then again you could also do your own plumbing or file your own taxes. Sometimes the best move is hiring professionals.

Where to Start?

Your planning an event and you have NO time to audition video production companies. Well, the great thing about picking a video production company is that you can see (for the most part) exactly what kind of product you will get by simply viewing their portfolio.

Any professional video production company or web video agency worth their salt will have a portfolio with working video samples right on their website. They should also have a channel on a video sharing site like YouTube or Vimeo. If they don’t have a working video portfolio and their business is video…perhaps its time to continue the search.

Find a company who’s videos are the style that your looking for, but also pay close attention to video quality. If their videos are on YouTube, click the video quality button to see if they shoot in HD. If you are spending money to capture unique moments, your going to want them in the most up to date format.  Good quality image and sound are absolutely crucial in making your company look good. If the video looks amateur, what will people think about your company? 

The final thing that you must consider your audience and there this video will be seen. The purpose of this article is to talk about using behind the scenes for marketing purposes, so the best place to use this video will be online:

  • Your Website
  • Your Social Media properties like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • Your Blog
  • In your and your employee’s email signature line (every email sent will carry the video message)
When you talk to these companies, make sure to ask them if they understand web video. A professional company will take the time to understand your business objectives, your audience and how to best capture the day to tell your story. If they don’t ask the right questions, maybe you should ask yourself if they are right for your important day.

Telling The Whole Story

So there is usually a LOT going on at a special event or function and it might get confusing as to what to focus on. Luckily, events usually go on for hours, and while it will go by in a blurr for you, it also means that your video production vendor has the opportunity to capture hours of footage.

When we shoot behind the scenes at an event or function we also make sure to understand where and when the important things are happening (you definitely don’t want to miss any key speeches or announcements) but also want to have the opportunity to truly shoot from behind the scenes and capture your events candid moments.

You also want to make sure that all your partners, vendors and VIP’s are captured in a positive light. By giving your partners some airtime in your video, they will usually distribute your video to their network of contacts (because you made them look great also). This improves your relationship with them, and also gives you access to their customers.

Finally, it is crucial to take time and organize key individuals for a quick interview. Sometimes all they will need is a few minutes to get a quick soundbyte, but your definitely don’t want to miss the chance to have awesome people say awesome things about your company and your event.

The Budget…

The dreaded question: How much is it going to cost? Well, you might be pleasantly surprised. Traditionally, professional video production was outrageously expensive and only reserved for the biggest companies. However, now because of advances (and thus more affordable) professional camera equipment, free distribution channels online and editing suites  that can tackle HD footage quickly, you could have a professionally produced video for a price that should fit most budgets.

There isn’t any set price for video production, but for a fairly high quality event video (4-8 hour event) shot by a small production team (1-2 people) from a professional company, it should run you approximately $1,000/minute of completed video. This should include the all costs of shooting, rendering, editing, music and delivery.

The Result

If you have taken your time to select the right video production company that understands your business objectives, the final result should be a 1-3 minute video that truly captures the essence of your event, delivers your businesses key messages and because we are using the web for distribution, should contain some sort of way for viewers to click onto your website (or more of your content).

The final product is a professional looking piece of engaging content that showcases your brand, your event and your partners in an authentic way. You can use it to promote the same event for next year, to let clients and customers know more about what you do and make everyone look great while your doing it.

Next time you have an event or function, think about all the great things that will happen at it, and if those things are worth showcasing to the world. If they are (and they usually are), then a behind the scenes video is the perfect way to do it. To check out more behind the scenes pictures and videos from our most recent shoot, check out The Signature Video Group .

Chris Stasiuk

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Chris is commercial director and founder of SVG, a Toronto based video content agency.

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