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Okay, so we typically use this blog space to talk about video, social and marketing trends but with the theatrical release of Man of Steel just a few short weeks away I had to say something.

I watch a lot of movies (and movie trailers) but I have not been this excited for a movie in a long time. I thought I would share my excitement with you citing 5 reasons why I think Man of Steel will be a very epic film. I will preface this by admitting I haven’t even seen all the Superman movies and I’m certainly not an authority on comic book films or characters…but I am a fan of really talented filmmakers taking on big themes. As the most recent trailer confirms: Fate of the planet is a pretty big theme.

1) Zack Snyder/Christopher Nolan

With Snyder at the helm (and a $225 Million Dollar Budget) this is bound to be a visual spectacle. Say what you will about Snyder’s past films, but the dude knows how to make stuff look cool. Yes I saw Sucker Punch and yes…it did suck, but darn did it ever look spectacular.

My hope (and the hope of every fan boy) is that Nolan has his fingerprints all over this. I know he is just an “Executive Producer” and from what I read, he turned over all creative aspects to Snyder very early in the process, but…his theme of the reluctant hero and the not so cut and dry villian have started to reveal themselves in the latest TV Spots. Fingers crossed, but style AND story might combine for our viewing pleasure.

2) General Zod

I have never really been a fan of the Superman franchise and it’s because I have never really “felt” for the hero. Lets face it: The man is essentially a god living amongst mere mortals and other than facing the odd Kryptonian rock and evil Billionaire, he’s had pretty smooth sailing…until now.

Enter General Zod. From the same planet, has the same powers and while our hero was raised on an earth  farm by kind, loving earth parents, Zod was off being an intergalactic war lord. All things being equal…Zod seems like he would have the upper hand in battle. This really creates a “David vs Goliath” type scenario and for the first time our hero is REALLY up against it. The fact that Zod is being played by Michael Shannon is a huge bonus…the man flat out haunts dreams.

3) Superman is an Alien!

Finally someone that REALLY seems to get it (at least it seems that way from the 10+ trailers and TV spots I have seen). Superman is an alien, from another planet that has unworldly powers. Zod says it best in the latest (and best) trailer…he looks like you (human) but he is not one of you. How would us mere humans react to such a character? We would be scared as hell. We fear what we don’t understand and can’t control. Snyder has the military mobilizing against the Man of Steel and I think that’s just awesome.

4) The Cast is Pretty Awesome

I’ve already mentioned that Michael Shannon is a bad-ass choice for Zod, but its notable that there are some pretty great actors in this cast. Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Russel Crowe (and even Henry Cavill) are all capable performers in their own right. No, I don’t think this film will win any Oscars for acting, but I also don’t think it will fall flat because of on screen performances.

5) Hans Zimmer

With a background in music, I have a special appreciation for music in film. I believe that a score can really make or break a movie and with Hans Zimmer scoring this movie, I’m leaning towards make. The man is an absolute epic score machine and after finding a few sneak peak themes on YouTube I can say with confidence that this score is not going to disappoint. You can have a listen for yourself below…I especially like the track listed at the 7 minute mark called “Terraforming”



I will save my real conclusion for June 14th (I will surely see this thing on opening night) but considering all the elements listed above, I have confidence that this will be an absolutely epic film.

Chris Stasiuk

Author Chris Stasiuk

Chris is commercial director and founder of SVG, a Toronto based video content agency.

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