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Viral video and branded video on YouTube

YouTube is currently the second, most widely used search engine in existence. As web users migrate more and more toward narrative video content on the internet, product and branded video, corporate video profiles and viral videos are achieving record-breaking highs for traffic, views and customer awareness and outreach than ever. A brief look at the first few tiers of video views and shares, suggests the patterns with which viral video tends to grow.

With around one billion unique user visits and four billion hours of video viewed per month, YouTube has surpassed the closest second-most-used video oriented site (Hulu) by a staggering 10 times. A close cousin to facilitating these eye popping numbers lives in Facebook, which has the single greatest reach and activity for sharing, posting and helping proliferate videos on their way to viral-dom. Here are a few key ratios to build our sample of how some popular viral videos have created and continue to create their viral video reach (not including/considering paid or sponsored links):

A Sample of Online Viewership and Click Through/Share Statistics:

Facebook: 38%Email: 17%Twitter: 11%Google+: 6%Other: 34%

With these ratios in mind we took a look at the viewership, to-date, of some of the most popular branded videos of all time:

Kony 2012: Dollar Shave Club
Total Views: 97,570,624
Facebook Shares: 37,076,837
Email Shares: 16,587,006
Twitter Mentions: 10,732,768
Google+ Shares: 5,854,237
Other Shares: 33,174,012
Total Views: 10,260,333
Facebook Shares: 3,898,926
Email Shares: 1,744,256
Twitter Mentions: 1,128,636
Google+ Shares: 615,619
Other Shares: 3,488,513
Old Spice: Muscle Music Dove: Evolution
Total Views: 9,100,000
Facebook Shares: 3,458,000
Email Shares: 1,547,000
Twitter Mentions: 1,001,000
Google+ Shares: 546,000
Other Shares: 3,094,000
Total Views: 16,080,386
Facebook Shares: 6,110,546
Email Shares: 2,733,665
Twitter Mentions: 1,768,842
Google+ Shares: 964,823
Other Shares: 5,467,331
Red Bull: Stratos Melbourne Metro: Dumb Ways to Die
Total Views: 33,937,424
Facebook Shares: 12,896,221
Email Shares: 5,769,362
Twitter Mentions: 3,733,116
Google+ Shares: 2,036,245
Other Shares: 11,538,724
Total Views: 46,329,582
Facebook Shares: 17,605,241
Email Shares: 7,876,028
Twitter Mentions: 5,096,254
Google+ Shares: 2,779,774
Other Shares: 15,752,057

With such staggering and quick reach, video can be both a powerful asset in your path to awareness but can also be your greatest adversary if mishandled. In the words of Intercom COO, Des Traynor:

“If you have no compelling reason to return, then going viral won’t help you – it’ll just speed up the process at which you die.”

Video content development must be consistent, compelling and polished or those masses will not retain the benefits your brand provides, only the missteps along the way. Five simple checkpoints to keep your digital content on the right track include, making sure your video:

  • has universal appeal
  • is short and simple
  • speaks with emotional content
  • is actionable
  • is both identifiable and relatable

Then, get yourself some professional polish to create groundbreaking branded video that tells the story around your brand. Signature Video can help you there!

Brad Dicks

Author Brad Dicks

Brad is a business communicator with a penchant for anything digital. In his exploration of content development, social media strategy, technology and training, Brad has produced hands-on programming for national brands, such as: Loblaw Companies Limited, Apple Canada, Encore Market Engagement and the Music Industry Association.

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