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In order to stay on top of Toronto’s video marketing industry, a video production company has to be willing to keep things fresh, explore new tactics and find innovative ways to tell stories through branded and narrative driven content. The art of filmmaking + the science of marketing + innovative filmmaking technology = a powerful branded video campaign.

Toronto video production company, Signature Video Group

One such opportunity came with our recent shoot for No Limit Performance Basketball. In our consultation with our client, Mihai Raducanu, we discovered a need to produce fresh branded content that reflects the values of and the company’s philosophy of Learn, Train, Compete and Conquer. We introduced new, highly specialized techniques to capture all these visual flavours and keep the honest, raw power of Mihai’s practice intact. At around 4:30 a.m. on a quiet beachside setting, we began to paint the picture and story around Mihai and No Limit Performance.

Covering a story this big requires big innovation and big tech. With multiple indoor and outdoor locations in the Hamilton area, we had a million-dollar vision on a slightly tighter budget. Our production board included lots of movement, required uncompromising stability, had to be highly mobile and – here’s the kicker – we wanted aerial. We got creative and tapped into our network of video production experts. SkyEye Media came top of mind and represented just the type of innovation and flexibility we needed.

Toronto video production company, Signature Video Group, sets up shots with Randi Lotsberg and Chris StasiukToronto video production company, Signature Video Group and Sky Eye MediaSVG and Sky Eye Media set up our video technologyShooting big budget branded video at a much lower cost

Led by Chris Bacik, Sky Eye Media specializes in professional aerial cinematography and getting those grand, sweeping bird’s-eye type shots without hiring a helicopter camera and pilot. As a reference, a manned heli-aerial service can easily range in the tens (if not hundreds) of thousands, while a drone can net you those stellar aerial video production frames at a fraction (of a fraction) of that cost. Here’s a view of some of the tech we brought in for and Mihai’s customized video production experience:

Signature Video Group and Sky Eye Media with the Level ShotLevel Shot (Prototype):
Electronic handheld camera stabilizer
– uses gyros to balance camera on the move at a fraction of the cost of a rail and slider system
– no setup
– on-demand
– point and shoot, amazing mobility
– lightweight, easy to operate one-handed
– multiple possible shooting angles

Signature Video Group uses high-quality equipment to bring Hollywood quality to video marketing for companies in TorontoShape™ Camera Support and Rail Stabilizer:
Comfortable camera stabilization
– perfect for long high-motion shooting session
– quick setup
– works with a variety of camera types
– highly modular
– great production value

Sky Eye Media prototype aerial video drone, Hextor, brings impossible shots with Signature Video GroupSky Eye Aerial Drone (Hextor – Prototype):
6-axis aerial cinematography drone
– delivers high-quality aerial footage
– excellent stability
– can shoot from the maximum height allowable by Canadian eerospace regulations
– Can travel up to 50km/h
– Carries cameras up to 2kg

– A fraction of a fraction of heli-aerial video (and then cut the cost in half again)

With the intent to always innovate before sacrificing the vision, Signature Video Group was able to leverage our partnerships, innovative and creative teams to learn Mihai’s expectations, introduce trained professionals, deliver unquestionably competitive value for ‘Hollywood’ style shots and conquer anything that threatened the end goal. We will certainly be taking a page from the philosophy at and can’t wait to bring our tech-forward game face to the next project! Let us know what innovative and unique ways you can think of to deliver ‘Hollywood’ shots without Michael Bay’s bankroll!

The Final Product:

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