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LinkedIN is currently ‘digital home base’ for more than 225 million members around the world who are building their professional social network. Since launch in 2003, LinkedIN has become the #1 social network for professionals looking to start or grow their careers and there has been a noticeable trend toward rich media, specifically video. Adding rich media and professional video to your profile ensures that a prospective employer or client will enjoy a guided tour of your hard work, where you may not have the opportunity to deliver in person.

In our article on how video is becoming ‘mission critical’, we stated that 59% of business executives would rather watch video than read text. In the increasingly competitive work environment, you need to deliver in the preferred format. Today, that means video. Personal video, corporate video, branded video or whichever moniker you fly with can be embedded in a few places on your personal and company profile to do exactly that! Below is a brief visual on how you can get started by adding rich media to your Summary, Education and Experience sections and make sure you get the right foot forward – even if you’re not physically there – to land that next big promotion or career opportunity.

linkedin profile, video, how to use linkedinEmbedding a video or visual tour of your work allows employers to get a sneak peek at the work offered by their prospective hires or contract service providers. The buck doesn’t just stop at personal, corporate or branded video, however. There are a number of creative ways to leverage this new feature to make your mark. Here are a few ideas to get started:

– A brief digital ad for your services or an ‘elevator speech’
– A slideshow of testimonials to support your work
– A scrolling picture sequence of awards, event pictures etc.

As a Toronto video production company, Signature Video Group has a ton of video to choose from but that doesn’t mean you have to be a film production company to make this work. Slide Share presentations, images, visual presentations, documents or even your own smartphone recordings can be easily built into your profile this way. Enlist a buddy, set some decent lighting, shoot a brief introduction to your work with a smartphone and play with these new features to make sure you’re getting the most out of your LinkedIN experience.

linkedin profile, tutorial, rich media, video, how to use linked in

High quality video keeps gaining traction on LinkedIN and virtually every other social media network in use. If you are tweaking or beefing up your profile to stay competitive, now you have a place to showcase your work in video format, so get busy with that rich media and grow your profile strength. You can’t be there 24/7 to make sure your full message is heard but great video never sleeps!

Brad Dicks

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Brad is a business communicator with a penchant for anything digital. In his exploration of content development, social media strategy, technology and training, Brad has produced hands-on programming for national brands, such as: Loblaw Companies Limited, Apple Canada, Encore Market Engagement and the Music Industry Association.

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