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commercial-real-estate-video-marketingOver 35,000 professionals practice real estate in the Greater Toronto Area. That is a lot of noise to cut through. As one of the best real estate agents in the region, you want the best real estate marketing strategy you can offer to elevate the visibility of your properties, connect with qualified property buyers and progress your personal brand. Top commercial real estate brokerages and practitioners from Royal LePage, Pinnacle International and Adytum are creating real, emotional stories by learning how to make real estate video campaigns work. Are you on the cusp of modern real estate best practices, or a spectator to something transformative and cutting edge?

Royal LePage Representative, Mark Maga says, “With the type of real estate that we are trying to promote, it’s not just about the physical structure but of the lifestyle you may experience if this was your home. I don’t think there is a better or more efficient method than the ‘Lifestyle Video’ Signature Video Group created for us.”

If you are representing buyers and sellers of high-end, luxury and/or commercial real estate, implementing high-quality video in your real estate marketing strategy can help you bridge the gap between clients and closers while breaking away from the stuffy and dated mold of static and inconsistent picture-driven ‘virtual’ tours. Consider the following:

A qualified buyer is interested in your live-work, luxury or commercial real estate. Do you:

a. hand him/her the keys to the property, inviting them to go ahead, take a look and bring back the keys when they are done OR

b. jump at the opportunity to give them a guided tour, so you can articulate the features and benefits of the property, the surrounding area, the impact it will have on their lives and business and where/how they can find more information to submit an offer

If you chose the latter, consider what a video like this can do for your business, instead of expecting potential clients to ‘sell themselves’ with a static web page and a clunky picture tour:

Using video for real estate can deliver an unmatched, true and emotional experience to your future owners and sellers. Aerial videography can take would-be buyers on an awesome birds-eye tour of sweeping landscapes, breathtaking architecture or establish the freedom found in acres of land over a few short but inspiring moments. Professional lighting, audio, soundscapes and narrative video can express a moment in the perfect life with your clients’ new property. That’s something a handful of stills and even some well-lit window dressings simply can’t provide.

Professional images of your property are important, of course, but if you’re not including the work of a professional video production agency in your marketing strategy, you’re missing the potential to create meaningful lifestyle content in your selling strategy! Stop pumping your marketing spend into disposable printouts and invest in something shareable, timeless and relatable to your clients today!

Tell us how video has helped with YOUR real estate business in the comments below…

Brad Dicks

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Brad is a business communicator with a penchant for anything digital. In his exploration of content development, social media strategy, technology and training, Brad has produced hands-on programming for national brands, such as: Loblaw Companies Limited, Apple Canada, Encore Market Engagement and the Music Industry Association.

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