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event-video-production-company-toronto-signature-videoEvent video, behind the scenes video and general corporate event coverage was cool when it was new but the expectations on what and how to deliver the story of your event has changed. So too have the expectations around planning a corporate event and how to effectively tell the story of your hard work and investment, allowing your customers to share in the celebration!

Experience-building video content is more about telling the story of your work, rather than the show-and-tell-corporatey-park-and-bark. You need to create an experience, deliver emotion and really strike a personal chord with your customer base to secure maximum engagement. A proper event video company can help you achieve those goals and it’s one of our favourite things to accomplish at Signature Video Group.

Corporate event planning is not for the feint of heart (I’m sure all of our fellow planners will agree). Hours of meticulous details are combed-through when scouting a venue, securing the entertainment, catering, waivers, forms, releases, licensing, invites, transportation – everything to counting the electrical outlets. When all is said and done, have you forgotten the most important; the ONE element that can immortalize your carefully crafted (and often expensive) company event? The one reminder that can turn ‘you should have seen it’ into ‘I feel like I was really there’? Think about that hero moment when you’ve delivered, to your team, the true to life experience of your killer event, workshop, speaking engagements or other milestones.

Are you planning an event to shine the spotlight on world-class music and talent in an epic concert, crush a death-defying world record or share the story of how you mashed up Canada’s most beloved sport with the thrill and exhilaration of action athletics? Have something even cooler in the works? How you package and deliver your event, post-execution, can look and feel completely different based on what emotions you want to invoke or tone you want to set. Layover of a keynote presentation with examples of your goods/services can showcase your company savvy to the world of business or flyover hi-res video can elaborate on how you throw the hottest party on the globe. Our goal is to work the preservation of your world-class event into a timely and financially sound budget that matches the needs of your event planning team.

Motoamoré – 10th Year Anniversary Event

Skylon Tower: Nick Wallenda – Niagara Falls Tightrope Walk

Redbull Crashed Ice 2013 – Frozen in Time

Your corporate event planners have worked long and hard to put your investment to work. You have developed an amazing company event and you think is worth immortalizing in the history of your business. You only have about 1 minute, 30 seconds to grab your audience, interest them and truly make them feel something!

The only way to convey months of planning, investment and execution into a like-you-were-there experience is through the power of best-in-class event video production. We can craft that emotional video response, lay in critical highlights from your business presentations, entertainers, peers, colleagues and everything in between. When you are satisfied with that masterpiece, we’re gonna’ set it to a soundscape that will inspire emotion, engagement and let your audience feel the heart-pounding bass, the blast of cool winds and company celebrations and the real story of your journey – made to feel the way you remembered it!

Brad Dicks

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Brad is a business communicator with a penchant for anything digital. In his exploration of content development, social media strategy, technology and training, Brad has produced hands-on programming for national brands, such as: Loblaw Companies Limited, Apple Canada, Encore Market Engagement and the Music Industry Association.

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