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While it might seem early to run with a ‘top-of-2014’ video roster, it is a testament to how quickly corporate video production moves in our industry today. Here are some of the top YouTube videos in branded and consumer content for 2014. You might be surprised with some of the stories around these Internet faves:

First Kiss

When Tatia Pilieva undertook to make a seemingly ‘honest’ concept into film, the Internet was warmed with all the beauty and awkwardness of a first kiss between strangers. It later came out that this was a cleverly fabricated ad for a clothing company, dispelling the magic for many viewers. Moral of the story: Showcase your brand in video; don’t hide it with smoke and mirrors – it works well for RedBull and GoPro doesn’t it?

Superman GoPro

Speaking of the handheld video capture giant: sometimes your products and branded video presence are SO awesome that fans are inspired to create stunning video advertising for YOU! This is one of our favourites in branded video or ‘video about a brand’. Check it out!

Lion King Cast in the Clouds

Could this be the beginning of LIVE in-flight entertainment? Probably not; however, when this magic Disney moment happened onboard a flight with the members of Disney’s The Lion King, the company was quick to pick up the cue and turn it into viral video gold! Well-played, Disney. Well-played.

YouTube Projected Trends – April 1, 2014

Watch this YouTube video campaign trend explode next year. It only happens once a year and often feared but the ‘April Fools’ market hit new strides this year. From The Price Is Right host Drew Carey and Late, Late Show host Craig Ferguson swapping roles to ‘hot new trends in viral video’, YouTube got their licks in with this video forecast. Look for more businesses get their fool-on next year. Hilarious!

Devil Baby Attack

Horror films and viral video seem to go hand-in-hand, not that we’d suggest scaring the hell out of your audience to gain share but it just might work. Following on the heels of the ‘telekinetic Carrie’ campaign, Devil Baby Attack super sized the horror genre viral trend with this promo for the movie, Devil’s Due.

Ian Up for Whatever – Bud Light feat. Arnold Schwarzenegger

First of all, let’s point out that autocorrect is on top of spelling The Governator’s last name properly, yet refuses to recognize our northern affinity for the letter ‘u’ in colour etc. This is really just an epic story of the perfect night for one lucky dude. It also reinforces the mastery of how branded video and beer companies were made for one another. This video is straight-up awesome!

It’s still early in the year and corporate/branded video is setting the bar extremely high already. We can’t wait to see what other visual nuggets the world of video marketing has lined up. What are some of your favourite (’cause that’s how we spell it up here) videos so far this year? Let us know in the comments!

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