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Q2 Report Shows Video Is On Track With 2016 Predictions

Predicted to be one of the key content marketing trends of 2016, it is clear that video is here to stay.
In fact, with Cisco predicting that 80 per cent of all Internet traffic will stem from video by 2019, it looks set to take over. From YouTube collaborations to sponsored Snapchats, there are many opportunities for brands to utilize this innovative medium. Here are some of the biggest visual trends for social this year:


1. Now gone in 60 seconds

Instagram is no longer reserved for the #nofilter humble brag. The platform has long supported videos as well as photos, but up until recently there was a restriction of just 15 seconds.
With the recent increase to 60 seconds, Instagram has now expanded the potential for video marketing on its channel.


2. (Don’t) skip in five seconds

In a recent analysis of 56 case studies, it was shown that YouTube advertising delivered higher ROI than television.  With brands like Mars US and Danone seeing at least double the ROI on YouTube, further investment in ads created specifically for the platform seems more likely.


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Chris Stasiuk

Author Chris Stasiuk

Chris is commercial director and founder of SVG, a Toronto based video content agency.

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