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A common question when we think about the finer things in life – an extra slice of cake, another beer, or an extra half hour of sleep in the morning – which might not be as common when it comes to video marketing campaigns.
Without a doubt, there is a line between too little and too much, but where’s the differentiating point between just enough and too much, when it comes to producing video content for your brand’s audiences? Of course, many of these decisions often come down to money and how much brands are willing to spend per year to engage with their audiences, but dollars aside, it’s a question you should still be asking yourself when planning your marketing strategy for the upcoming months.
As I commonly do on these blogs, I saw something in an article a while back and am applying it in a marketing perspective to understand the good or bad consequences that come with creating too much content for your viewers to enjoy. What did I see to spark this thought? You guessed it. The superhero movie timeline for the next five years.


I’ll admit, I’m seriously impressed by the amount of planning and commitment Warner Brothers and other notable studios have towards bringing such a high amount of big-name movies to the big screen in such a short period of time. Just years ago we went through what felt like a superhero dry spell, with only The Dark Knight and a Spiderman iteration being released in a few years’ time. Those were the good old days…
This schedule is undoubtedly great for the industry, and for many comic fans who’ve waited to see Wonder Woman and other ‘small time’ characters hit the big screen in their own films for the first time, but is it great for the Marvel/DC series as a whole? If we were speaking entirely from a money perspective we wouldn’t be speaking at all, as superhero movies tend to draw large crowds and perform relatively well (at worst) at the box office.
But we’re not. We’re talking about the reputation of a brand and their ability to manage expectations and create a significant amount of hype and excitement in between films. With at least ten superhero films due out in the next two years, most of us will have a hard enough time trying to figure out what the heck just happened.
When developing a marketing strategy for your brand, take the Marvel calendar into consideration. All cost arguments aside, people only have so much time, and with each added piece of content you produce you run the risk of missing the average viewer who can’t dedicate that much time to watching a new piece of content from your brand every few weeks.

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As a general rule of thumb, try and spread your content out throughout the year. Keep in mind that holidays can sometimes have a negative effect on viewer engagement, unless the content you’re creating is directly related to the holiday in question. Depending on your target audience, you shouldn’t stop content distribution in the summer. Video consumption on mobile devices is at an all-time high and warm temperatures won’t impact the amount of time millennials spend on their phones. Keep in mind that a video takes time to produce and distribute. Just because you started seeding it at the beginning of one month doesn’t mean everyone engaged with it right away. Keep the life cycle of your videos in mind to avoid serious overlap and keep your target guessing. When they start asking for more, make sure you give it an extra few weeks to create maximum excitement and social hype.


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