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As an agency, one of our goals for 2017 was to enhance our online presence. One of the easiest ways to do that, especially considering our business is video, is through YouTube and Vimeo.
Earlier this week, we set out to give our YouTube channel a bit of a facelift. Admittedly, it has been quite a while since we’ve uploaded regularly, so the renovation, if you will, was well warranted. Upon updating a few of the older videos, I came across some of our work that I had almost forgotten. To give you a bit of context, we’ve been in business for 7 years and have produced well over 300 videos for almost 100 different clients – a large chunk of work for any company – so it’s not surprising that there are a few hidden gems that might have slipped our minds.
Every year around Super Bowl time, advertisements and those from previous years seem to be one of the most popular topics online. In the spirit of reminiscing, I’ve compiled a list of five videos from our 7-year history that you probably haven’t seen. So sit back, relax and enjoy a few samples of what made us who we are today at Signature Video Group.

1) Remember Your First Funnel Cake? – Kiki’s Funnel Cakes

If you grew up in the GTA, your first memory of a funnel cake might be similar to ours. Funnel cakes are one of summer’s most enjoyable delicacies you can only get from a few places. If you’re like us, your memories of funnel cake might be from Canada’s Wonderland – which is not only a staple summer venture, but is also home of one of the best funnel cakes around.
With this in mind, when Kiki’s Funnel Cakes came to us with plans to open their first location in Brampton, we jumped at the opportunity to reminisce about all of our memories of funnel cake.

2) Banned Liqueur Commercial – Jaan Liqueur

Once labeled too revealing for television, it’s no secret that Jaan Liqueur’s commercial lands on this list. Jaan Liqueur was a very interesting product because of its lack of similarity to alternative products on the market. It’s a flavourful liqueur made from exotic Indian spices and infused with maple and citrus – a distinctive combination that is bound to turn some heads. With that in mind, we chose a model that would do the same and inspire everyone to ‘Drink the Kamasutra’.

3) Scary Medication PSA – ISMP Canada

Perhaps one of the more serious spots we’ve ever shot, this PSA is designed to draw attention to the dangers of prescription errors. With more than 7 million medication errors in Canada every year, it’s a very serious issue that could have potentially lethal side effects.
All seriousness aside, we enjoyed this spot because of the tone and vibe that we were able to portray. From a film perspective, it was shot beautifully with great acting and direction from start to finish.

4) Basketball Moves Mountains with Mihai Raducanu – Motivational Video

Need something to get you out of bed in the morning? Talk to Mihai. Something about this guy runs shivers down my spine… His journey and ability to use basketball to get him through the toughest of life’s obstacles is inspiring, and is one of the many reasons his training program is so successful.
Mihai is one of our longest standing clients and we take every opportunity we can to share the work we did with him. Just don’t ask us to play basketball against him.

5) Cheating Can be Cool – Banned Cool Beer Commercial

Okay, so what, I saved the best for last… But this spot is totally awesome. Not only is it our most popular video on YouTube with over 1 million views, but it’s also one of our favourite videos of all time. The creative concept behind showing an example of something that isn’t cool, followed by a great beer promotion that is cool, isn’t necessarily genius, but it is hilarious.
Chalk this one up as a win in our books and make sure you watch it through to the end. You won’t regret it.

If you made it to the end, this is a perfect time to check out the rest of our newly improved YouTube channel (and subscribe), which you’ll find here. Hope you enjoyed these spots as much as we do!
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