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When you see a video on social media, how does it make you feel? Does it change depending on the platform you view it on? According to last week’s #Adweekchat, a large percentage of viewers felt the platform in which they saw a video on had a major impact on how connected they felt with a brand.
Advertisers, especially, would be very interested in learning how the platform they use may have a larger affect on the overall tone of the content they’re presenting.
Being that video is a very general medium, it’s interesting that viewers report varying levels of sincerity dependent on where they consume content. Although none of these facts have been scientifically proven, it’s worth noting what viewers have to say about each video platform to help brands determine whether or not they’re sharing the right content on the right stage.


Often viewed as the frontrunner in social video, some believe that Snapchat might have already reached its peak with consumers who’ve drawn similarities to Instagram’s stories.
Snapchat is personal. It was originally designed as a way to communicate between friends and has since evolved into a method that celebrities and brands can use to keep their audiences engaged in their day-to-day life. While friends lists and privacy settings are still relevant, its much less likely that your own posted content is going to be viewed by online ‘randoms’ than it is on other social media sites.
The platform itself is very authentic, which automatically makes it more sincere. Brand accounts on Snapchat are generally more informal and focus on content that isn’t meant to be perfect. Trying to convey a lengthy message to your consumer? You might want to try a different platform.

Instagram (stories)

While Instagram stories have certainly stolen some thunder from Snapchat, there might be space for both companies to succeed. Instagram has always focused on “making your content look better”, where as Snapchat has focused on making your content entertaining, by whatever means necessary.
While great for aesthetics, it’s not so great for authenticity. Instagram feels more formal, meaning the content that’s posted should be more put together and well thought out. Going to share some quick impromptu news with your audience? Instagram might not be the best place. Unless….

Live video, any platform

Unless it’s live video. There’s something to be said for this format that instantly means all bets are off. When a brand goes live, people listen, and it feels more genuine and sincere than any other video platform out there.
But why to people love it so much? There’s something about tuning into a broadcast knowing that what you’re seeing is happening at this very moment and hasn’t been prerecorded.
But does this mean that all brands should adopt this practice? Not necessarily. Certain messages are better received when more thought and care are put into them – especially when there are a lot of facts involved. The problem with live streaming is that you have one shot to get it right, and as we’ve learned from various news cues throughout the years, that doesn’t always go to plan.
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