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In 2017, we live in an era of mass distrust. With fake news peppered into our everyday digital encounters and an endless stream of click-bait on our social media feeds, the average consumer is skeptical of almost everything from news reports and politicians to product endorsements and reviews. Marketing firm Edelmen released the findings of its 2017 Trust Barometer at the start of the year, and the results were not encouraging. It reported the largest-ever drop in consumer trust of businesses and media.

Amidst this distrust, brands face the new challenge of believability. Consumers need a lot more reassurance to be sold on anything. This means businesses need to work to building maintain trust with customers they already have and come up with ways to convince new customers that they can be trusted. The key things here are authenticity and transparency.

In today’s world, consumers have the power. Gone are the days of traditional advertising where bells and whistles alone can win customers. Businesses and brands are stripping down to expose the core of what their business is all about and are building strong connections with the communities they want to reach out to.

While the digital world is constantly changing, one thing is for certain: online video content is here to stay. But how to use it effectively? Tell genuine stories to spark genuine consumer connection.

Social media reigns supreme

Social media has long been praised as a way to reach consumers on a more direct level. A great social media marketing strategy gives a brand personality and likability – two things that develop trust. Using behind-the-scenes video in particular can help show consumers that a brand is transparent about their process and their product. It humanizes the brand’s people and makes them relatable.

 What’s more, social platforms allow everyday people to speak their minds about brands. If product quality or customer service diminishes, Twitter is often the first place we hear about it. This means that brand accountability is ever more important, and keeping existing customers engaged with brands is a major focus.

People still trust people

 The fact that public engagement with brands over social media builds trust points to an important opportunity for branded content: People’s trust in real people. What consumers think about a brand or business is largely based off of what people they know, whether online or in person, have said about it.

 By creating video content that uses real people to tell a brand’s story and affirm their belief in the product or service, brands can approach consumers from a space where trust has already been established. This can be a doc-style feature on a professional using your product, like our film for AutoDesk Sketchbook, or content featuring a social media influencer like our spot for St. Louis. The bottom line is the people have the power when it comes to building trust.

Tell your story

If consumers trust their peers, then become their peer. Tell your story. Origin stories have gained popularity among brand strategists in recent years because they give authenticity and relatability to the brand’s key players. Brands like Cliff Bar and Facebook have used their origin story to grow their brand and maintain a connection with their consumer. People want to be able to put a face and a name to the products they buy and the services they use. A simple business film can make your business stand out in a sea of marketing efforts because you’re not selling products or services, you’re selling the people behind them.

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