We all know that social media can get a little bit creepy, and Noah Levenson’s Weird Box is certainly a testament to that. The interactive short film begins by prompting you to type in an Instagram handle. Over the next 10 or so minutes, you, or the owner of the handle you enter, become the centre of a couple’s argument, fuelled by photos pulled from your very own Instagram account. The results are creepy or hilarious, depending on your ‘gramming style.

Interactive video has been the mix for a while now, but it’s never really taken off in a viral way aside from a few instances like Arcade Fire’s interactive music video for their song The Wilderness Downtown. While this film took over a year and a half for Levenson to create and some pretty sizeable software engineering, its approach to integrated storytelling is something to take note of for advertisers and filmmakers alike. Audiences are engaging with more online video than ever before and are doing a lot of that viewing on social media, so the marriage of the two heavy-traffic platforms is a genius move.

To experience Weird Box, visit their website at www.weirdbox.tv.

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