Big, shiny buttons have long been used across film genres as an accessory to evil. With the push of a button a missile launches, a laser gun fires and a trap door opens. Frankly, buttons are a symbol of power in the world of cinema. Volkswagen’s clever new ad pokes fun at the melodrama of this trope and promotes the¬†“more responsible use of power” found in the petrol activating button of their Golf GTE electric hybrid model.

This is not the first time Volkswagen has spoofed the big screen in its advertising. In a 2014 campaign led by UK agency Adam & Eve/DDB and in sponsorship of the Independent Cinema¬†Office, the company explored how its cars’ features would pan out in Hollywood blockbusters including a mafia thriller, an Alien parody and a “finding yourself” drama. The results were not ideal for Hollywood, but sure make a lot of sense for real life.

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