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If there’s one thing all advertisers want right now, it’s to capture the minds and the wallets of millennials. Marketing magazines and blogs (ours included, admittedly) share post after post about this mysterious group, from their eating habits to their morals to which app is totally on the rise right now in an effort to crack the code for what makes them spend. Marketing to millennials has become the focus of every major brand and a formula for doing so has seemingly emerged.

What do we know so far? Well, millennials are unique and creative people who don’t conform. They’re all “digital nomads” and can be their own boss. They care about what goes into their body and they care about causes. They’re politically charged and won’t be held down by the beliefs of yesterday. They abbreviate words and dance like no one is watching.

Calgary-based stock footage company Dissolve teamed up with Brooklyn based designer agency And/Or to create this three-minute video that is basically the quintessential millennial advertisement. The video uses nothing but Dissolve stock footage, an indie-rock music track and a totally chill sounding voiceover to make the ultimate ode to the fictional millennial of advertising folklore. The result is three minutes of perfectly facilitated cliches.

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