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So you have an awesome logo and you have an awesome video. But you don’t have best practices to put your awesome logo into your awesome video! Well that’s where we come in. We’ve compiled a list of 5 companies who’ve put logos into videos in the most awesome ways possible to draw attention to their brands. Now how awesome is that?

MMA World

MMA world have animated their logo to a soundtrack at the start of this video. The colour scheme matches the happy and vibrant nature of the music and the animation perfectly syncs with it too.


It’s a best practice to add your logo to the end of an advert once the viewer’s been hooked, and that’s what Jaan liqueur did here. By placing it full screen in white against a black background they’ve created enough size and contrast to catch your attention. The smooth dissolve transition helps to retain an aura of class and sophistication.

Red Bull Crashed Ice

This video is full of energy and builds suspense throughout. It reaches a crescendo when a booming sound effect hits your ears as the Red Bull logo slams onto the screen.  

Death Battle

This video starts with the Death Battle logo on screen for just under 3 seconds. It slides into view with a hard hitting sound effect as it lands. The aim here is to quickly grab the viewer’s attention and then start the video before they have a chance to get bored.


KOTD have opted to have their logo on screen throughout this video. It’s large enough to be seen while small enough to not detract from the video itself.

And there you have it. 5 awesome brands who’ve found awesome ways to place awesome logos into awesome videos. Have an awesome day!

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Ritu Ashrafi is the Director of Customer Advocacy at Logojoy, an online logo maker powered by artificial intelligence. Start designing a professional-quality logo for your business here.

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