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Autumn is a sentimental time for a lot of us. Come September, people leap back into school and work with new found optimism and energy thanks to a slightly slower summer season.  It’s a time where we return to our routines and pull out our favourite cozy sweater. With it comes the opportunity to enjoy everything that is pumpkin spiced. In summary, Fall is magical. But it’s also a great time to get the ball rolling on your next video production. Here are five reasons why.

1. Your backdrop will be beautiful

There are few things more picturesque than the changing leaves of Fall. Whether your video is to promote a product or to showcase your people, consider bringing your shoot outside to take advantage of the foliage. Sure, you could put an interview subject in front of a backdrop, ask your questions and have a polished and professional piece of content, ready to send off. But you could also get creative and take them on a stroll in a quiet park, or have them stand near a tree whose leaves slowly fall to the ground in the background. Sounds nice, right? This Nikon article has some great tips for capturing fall foliage.

Fall Path

2. People are present

Have you noticed that trying to coordinate a meeting or launch a new campaign across multiple departments seems to move like molasses all summer? It’s rare to find a company without an employee on vacation at any given day from June to August. In short, it’s a hard time to coordinate things like video productions, especially if multiple decision makers are involved. By September, everyone has settled back in to regular work hours and they haven’t yet started planning for holiday season getaways. This is a great time to rally your team and take advantage of this time to have the creative conversations that are best had in person.

3. Iconic sites will be less crowded

If you’ve ever tried to go to a landmark in your city in the dead of summer, you know to expect a crowd. Whether it’s tourists, day camps or people just skipping out on work, people flock to these iconic spots and can make it harder for you find a place to film without worrying about waivers. Come Fall however, people are back in school and at work and don’t typically frequent these places mid-day. Pick the right time of day (between 10am and 3pm is your best bet) and you could have the place almost completely to yourself.

4. You’ve still got light

Anyone who’s been on an outdoor shoot knows that it’s a constant game of chasing daylight. They say there are never enough hours in a day, and that sentiment is particularly true when it comes to hours of daylight. All summer long, we’re blessed with 14+ hours of light, but that dwindles quickly every week leading into winter. By mid-November, you’ll be in complete darkness by 5pm. This means less time to capture all of your footage. September and October still have an evening hour or two of sun, so take advantage of that while you can.

5. It gets you prepared

If you’re planning to roll-out a new video campaign, chances are you’ll want that content ready for a time when spending and celebration are at a high – the holidays. By preparing your video production in the Fall, you’re making sure you have great content for your busiest time of year. Whether you’re a restaurant looking to host the perfect holiday get together, a printing company offering custom holiday cards or a doggy-daycare catering to people leaving for Winter holidays, competition is fierce during the holiday season and having great digital content will give you an edge. With so much to do, it’s easy to let this time of year sneak up on you, so having content ready to go is a must.

With these tips in mind, get out there and get creative with your Fall video production. We’ve got one last bonus tip: Over the years, we’ve observed that featuring an adorable dachshund in your video boosts engagement. I think this video speaks for itself.

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