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If you’re a gamer, an entrepreneur, or a creator, you can make $1500 by having a camera crew follow you around for a day.

SVG is producing a new docu-series for Intel Thunderbolt. We’re looking for 3 subjects, with an emphasis on diversity. If you’re a gamer, creator, or go-getter that relies on the best computer tech to get things done, we want to hear from you!

Authenticity is key, so we’re not looking for actors here. Just straight up people who use tech to improve their workflow, and who are proficient in their respective fields.

And on top of the payday, you’ll get a great platform to showcase your work.

So if you have an awesome story and a cool workspace, check out below for some specifics for each role we’re looking to cast:

video production toronto creator


  • Someone who uses tech to create. Can be a photographer, video specialist, editor – or someone with a niche, like a drone pilot.

  • The “One-Person-Band” – You can specialize in one thing, but our ideal creator makes things happen from start to finish, like someone who shoots and edits their own videos.

  • Needs to have a full PC workflow.

  • Does this as a full time or as a successful side hustle.

  • We would exhibit real-life examples of your work!

  • Has a social presence (large following not necessary)


  • Regular PC gamer

  • Passionate about latest games, trends and gaming tech

  • Interacts with friends through online games

  • Could be an individual or a couple.

  • Ideally streams games live, or posts gameplay on social media

  • Someone who needs their tech to be as fast as possible for the best gaming experience.

  • Has a social presence (large following not necessary)


  • Entrepreneur, or has an active side hustle… you juggle many tasks, like sales, marketing, etc.

  • Could be an individual or a couple. Ideally, younger and tech savvy

  • This is someone who lives on their laptop and needs top tier performance and reliability. This is their most valued tool.

  • Works on the go. Home office + takes workflow wherever they go.

  • Likely to work in something like creative, software or sales.

Sound like you?

If this sounds like you, and you are GTA-based with your own workspace to film in (home offices work!), we want to hear from you.

Where: Toronto/GTA

Rate: $1500

When: 1 day in Late August/Early September 2021

How to apply: Email with a blurb about why you’re a good pick, with a photo of yourself and your workspace.

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Chris Stasiuk

Author Chris Stasiuk

Chris is commercial director and founder of SVG, a Toronto based video content agency.

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