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The people have spoken, and we hear you!

You loved our last blog about Best Dog Ads Over The Last Decade so here we go again. This time …of the feline variety!

We searched high and low for these ads and commercials (with no help from our VP of Canine Affairs, Sir Frankie).

So let’s get started with #13 on the list:


 Rocket Can“Cats” (2021)

The ad cleverly plays on the trope of the “crazy cat lady”…feeding the neighbourhood cats, at the expense of her neighbours. One of the funnier reasons why people may need to sell quicker and a great reason to use Rocket Mortgage’s app.


McVities Digestives “Kittens” (2014)

This is everything you want out of a commercial and more. Kittens, kittens and more kittens! Comparing sweet biscuits to even sweeter kittens is exactly what this commercial was going for, and they nailed it. Thankfully the kittens turned back into biscuits before they were eaten…


Wells Fargo “Suspicious Card Activity Alerts: Cat” (2019)

It’s a timeless debate: cat lover vs. dog lover. You’re either one or the other. This commercial shows the betrayal of a cat lover receiving a dog scam text in front of their beloved cat. Thankfully she has Wells Fargo to fix the issue, although it doesn’t seem like her cat will forgive her any time soon.


GoPro “Laser Cats” (2012)

GoPro’s creative agency really stepped up their ad game by shooting this commercial with their cameras and a laser pointer. Such a simple idea, and yet the dramatic music and cuts (and of course the cats) make this commercial what it is.


DirecTV “MEOW” (2018)

Featuring one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Taylor Swift, and two of her adorable cats, Meredith and Olivia. Taylor finds her two cats angry with her after leaving them in her dressing room while she performs (not to mention the use of a good pun to top it all off). 


E-Trade “Sneezing” (2011)

If you’re familiar with E-Trade, you probably know their series of creative commercials featuring talking babies shown during the Super Bowl. Well, this one also features a cat named Pepper. What better way to capture people’s attention on a fairly boring subject (investing, snore) than to include cats and babies?


Hill’s “Moto: A Love Story” (2020)

This heartfelt animation will make you want to immediately hug your pet (at least it did for me). Although this commercial is technically about a cat (Moto) on a diet, it also shows the unconditional love between Moto and his human, even when times are tough. Animation is a great storytelling tool used by many creative video agencies. 


Temptations “All it Takes is a Shake” (2019)

Temptations’ creative team does it again with their classic “careful what you shake” series. A herd of cats can be seen running after a little boy’s present on Christmas. Turning those furry little creatures into a stampede of wild animals is brilliantly hilarious.


EDS “Cat Herders” (2000)

Keeping with the theme of a herd of cats, this commercial (which premiered as a Super Bowl ad 22 years ago) is one of the most clever cat commercials of all time. Fun fact: most of the cowboys in this ad are real-life cowboys and had no prior acting experience. They also filmed about 60 cats and animated the rest in. This ad won a few awards as well as an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Commercial! Bravo to the creative agency! 


O2 “Be More Dog” (2013)

This one is for all the cat AND dog lovers out there. What’s funnier than a cat that acts like a dog? This commercial features cats swimming, chasing cars, and jumping for frisbees …as well as the use of Queen’s song “Flash” which is a classic (and suits the ad so well)!


Cravendale “Cats with Thumbs” (2013)

Quite possibly the funniest cat commercial ever. It came out almost 10 years ago, but it still makes it to the top 3 of my cat commercial list. This ad answers the question: what would cats do if they had opposable thumbs? Create a cat army, snap in unison, and steal your milk, of course.


Purina Friskies “Dear Kitten: The Art of Massage” (2014)

Purina and Buzzfeed teamed up to make the cutest and most relatable series called “Dear Kitten”. Each episode is around a minute long and features an adult cat (the narrator) teaching his new baby brother various things about cat-life. This one in particular talks about one of the sweetest gestures a cat does, kneading. Or as they call it in the ad, “the art of massage”. If you like this, you’ll probably also enjoy the rest of their series which you can find on the Buzzfeed or Purina Friskies YouTube channels.


Chevy Silverado “Walter The Cat” (2022)

If you’re familiar with Chevy’s recent commercials, you probably know Walter –  a cattle herding, stick retrieving, firewood fetching cat. Walter is incredible! The humorous twist at the end keeps the audience wanting more – this type of ad is so repeatable that I hope the Walter legacy lives on furever (see what I did there).

And there you have it, folks! My list of favourite furry and purring friends immortalized in these ads. I hope you enjoyed them as much as we did, and if you have any cat ad faves outside of these, feel free to post the links in the comments.

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