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Toronto offers a ton of opportunities for every kind of filmmaker. Diverse neighbourhoods, modern studios and world-class talent make it a dream to work here. 

We’ll be exploring the reasons behind why Toronto is quickly becoming the most sought-after filmmaking hub.

Whether you’re a director, producer, actor, or crew member, this blog will explain why Toronto is worth considering for your next production.

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Diverse Locations


From the unique historic neighbourhoods (like the Distillery District) to the modern architecture (AGO), there’s something for every production. Toronto has that unique ability to morph into any backdrop your heart desires. 

Situated on a scenic waterfront, Toronto mimics many major cities, blending busy skyscrapers with a range of serene greenery. 

Toronto also has four distinct seasons. You can film in the lush greenery of summer, the beautiful fall foliage, the bright snowy countryside, and the fresh spring blooms.

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World Class Talent


Not only is Toronto’s location one of a kind, but we also have world class talent ready for hire. It is a one-stop destination for all your filmmaking needs. 


ACTRA Toronto is the largest branch of ACTRA (the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists). The union represents performers in film, radio, television and digital media industries.

It is the largest organization of talent in Canada and represents over 15,000 members.

Video Production Companies:

There are thousands of skilled crew members and seasoned professionals ready to take on another production.

Need a Glimpse?

Clutch ranks video production agencies, helping you find the right company. Here are the Top Video Production Companies in Toronto.

With the help of the city’s xoTO Screen Industry Pathways initiative, the workforce of 35,000+ people is increasing drastically. The goal was to educate Torontonians about careers in film with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion. 

Toronto is an industry booming with diverse, talented individuals. It easy to start and finish a project all in one place.

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Stretching that $


The secret is out! The Canadian dollar goes a long way. Productions choosing to shoot in Toronto can have budgets work in their favour. 

But the conversion rate isn’t the only money saver for non-Canadians. Toronto has implemented significant tax credits for productions that film here, saving you upwards of 45% on labour costs, and 35% on total productions costs.

State-of-the-Art Production Facilities


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Toronto is home to many new state-of-the-art production facilities including post production houses, visual effects and animation studios.

Arguably the most important part of producing a production is having a reliable facility. 

The city holds about 2 million square feet of production space, and has plans to extend that by over 450,000 square feet in the coming years.

Toronto also home to North America’s largest purpose-built soundstage with 45,900 square feet in total!

Popular Movies and Shows Filmed Here


For decades, Toronto has been a popular choice among many filmmakers to plan and execute their creative vision. The list below includes award winning movies and television shows. A few of those films and series include:


The Shape of Water (2017)

Although it was based in Maryland, this was filmed in downtown Toronto and won 4 Oscars after being nominated for 13.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

Filmed in Toronto (disguised as Chicago). This hit film became the highest grossing romantic comedy and sleeper hits of all time.

Goodwill Hunting (1997)

A film that needs no introduction. Set in Boston (but partly filmed in Toronto) won 2 Oscars after being nominated for 9.

Handmaid’s Tale (Series)

Filmed (and partly taking place in Toronto), this popular series was nominated for 13 Emmy’s and won 8 of them.

The Umbrella Academy (Series)

This show has received 6 Emmy nominations, including most streamed series in 2019. 

If you are really keen to know what is filming in Toronto, check out ACTRA Toronto’s What’s Shooting website for a list of up-to-date productions.

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Ranked number 2 on MovieMaker’s list of the “Best Places to Live and Work as a Moviemaker in 2022″, Toronto has everything you need and more for your next production. 

We hope to see you here!


Alexandra Nopper is an editor at Signature Video Group. If you want to learn more, give us a shout!


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