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It’s probably true that every company has this nagging voice in their head that’s saying: we need to post more. Ads, social posts, things to educate, things to sell… there’s always something that needs to get out there. So you know you need a video, but the question is: what kind? Here are some compelling video styles that can elevate your business and foster a deeper connection with your audience.


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Product Demos

Showcasing your product in action. What better way to engage potential customers? Dive into the intricacies of your product. Highlight features and benefits. By providing a real-world context, these demonstrations allow viewers to see how the product fits into their lives. Have a piece of tech to sell? Think about using a demo to help teach customers (or new buyers) what they’re getting into.


How-To and Tutorial Videos

Education is a powerful tool. And how-to and tutorial videos provide an important resource for your audience. Reading manuals? Things of the past. So, delve deep into step-by-step guides. Soon enough, these videos become a go-to reference. And, will boost the value of your brand and foster a sense of trust.

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Give your audience a peak behind the curtain with behind-the-scenes videos that give your brand a little flavour. Showcase the faces and personalities. And give an authentic look into your daily operations. So at the end of the day, you’ll foster a connection to your brand.


Customer Testimonials

Move beyond mere product endorsements. In-depth customer testimonials tell stories. Testimonials can come in all shapes and sizes. For instance, check out this documentary we did for Autodesk. We showcased real artists who use their products. Take a look below:

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Company Culture Videos

Your brand is more than just products or services. It’s a community. So, use video to showcase where you work, and help recruit new members to join the team. By revealing the human side of your brand, you can connect with potential clients and employees.


Animated Explainers

Break down complex ideas and processes with the engaging and visually appealing medium of animated explainer videos. By combining storytelling elements with vivid visuals, you make information more accessible and digestible. 


Interactive Videos

Up your viewer engagement by incorporating interactive elements into your videos. From quizzes that test knowledge to polls that gather opinions, interactive videos create an immersive experience. And by making the viewing experience a two-way street, you not only capture attention but also collect valuable insights into viewer preferences and opinions.



Host virtual masterclasses where you can deep-dive into topics, share insider tips, and sprinkle a bit of magic on your audience. It’s like being the Gandalf of your niche, guiding your viewers on an educational adventure that leaves them feeling like certified wizards.

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Fireside Chats

Pull up a virtual chair; it’s time for fireside chats! Engage your audience with cozy conversations that feel like a warm hug. Invite industry experts, discuss hot topics, and spill the tea on the latest trends. It’s like hosting a digital campfire – minus the marshmallow sticks, but with a whole lot of wisdom to share.


Narrative Videos

Grab the popcorn; it’s story time. Craft tales that tug at heartstrings, make your audience laugh, or even shed a tear. Storytelling videos are the rom-coms of the marketing world – heartwarming, memorable, and something to enjoy.


Brand Films

Gone are the days of the typical corporate film. Add some flavour to it. These films aren’t just about business; they’re about showcasing the soul behind the corporate curtain. So make bold choices, choose great music, and find a point of view in telling your brand’s story.

Incorporate these playful and engaging video styles into your content strategy, and watch your brand become the life of the digital party. Whether you’re educating, entertaining, or just showing off your brand’s quirky side, these video styles will turn your brand into a digital rockstar.

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