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Aerial Drone Videography & Photography in Toronto

Professional aerial & FPV drone production.

About Us

Aerial Drone Filming Services

SVG is a full-service video production and post production house in Toronto. We offer aerial production, videography and photography services for commercials, film & TV and corporate videos. We also offer FPV drone videography & production services.

We have experienced & licensed drone pilots with hundreds of hours under their belt. Not only can we capture stunning visuals, we know how to do it safely, legally & efficiently.

Gone are the days of expensive helicopter shots & low quality drones. We have access to the industry’s latest tools & top talent to produce cinema quality visuals. We offer aerial cinematography as an add-on to traditional production, or as a stand-alone service.

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Aerial Cinematography for Tourism

What better way to show off a beautiful destination then to let your audience see it all at once. Capture sweeping ocean views, lush forests and intricate cityscapes from above. 

Aerial videography for agriculture & food production

Your biggest assets are your crops, greenhouses, vineyards or livestock. Aerial footage helps you show off the scale of your business. 

Aerial video production for real estate

Interiors are only part of what makes a property sparkle. Give potential buyers a look at the property and the surrounding neighbourhood with sweeping aerial visuals. 

Drone video & photography for trades and manufacturing.

Whether you’re in landscaping, roofing, engineering or urban planning, the projects you build range from large to enormous. Tell the full story with all encompassing views.

Aerial video production & photography for stories with exceptional locations.

Any  story you have to tell that takes place somewhere breathtaking is worthy of aerial cinematography. This unique perspective sets the scene and provides context for your narrative. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

Signature Video Group is a true content partner while producing episodes in our ongoing culinary tourism series. The team is professional and efficient and highly creative. They shoot beautiful footage, the editing process is smooth and their storytelling is completely in line with our brand. We love our content and can’t wait to do more work with SVG.

Jen MooreMarketing & Communications Manager - Southwest Ontario Tourism Corporation

Working with SVG is amazing. They inspire us and consistently exceed our expectations with every piece of content (65 videos to date). They are accommodating, professional, and a pleasure to work with.

Dave RaymondStrategic Marketing Manager - Niagara Region

We first hired SVG to produce a short documentary about one of our power users. The finished product far exceeded expectations and generated more than 100,000 highly targeted organic views in the first week alone. We've since engaged them on several major product launches, social media initiatives and brand hero campaigns and they have delivered every single time. Hire this company.

Kyle RuncimanDirector Of Digital Content - Autodesk Sketchbook

Frequently Asked Questions

What is aerial videography?

Aerial cinematography refers to any kind of video captured from the air. Typically, this is done with a drone.

Drone pilots can capture footage from extreme distances, meaning you don’t need to be able to get physically close to capture what you want. From hay fields to shopping malls to waterfalls, the drone will capture it.

Aerial cinematography is also captured indoors when there is ample clearance.

Are you licensed?

Yes. Our drone pilots have undergone the necessary training and certifications. They can legally submit flight plans and fly in otherwise restricted areas.

How much does aerial cinematography cost?

The answer is it depends. We often bundle our drone and aerial cinematography services into larger projects that include other types of filming. Aerial-only packages start at around $5,000 per production day.

What's the timeline like for an aerial cinematography shoot?

Depending on what we’re shooting, we’ll need anywhere from a couple days to a few weeks to prepare to get up in the air. This includes filing flight plans and doing a location scout to make sure we know how to capture what we’re looking for.

What is the video production process?

You can learn more about our video production process here.

Who We Work With

We work with small startups, big brands and everything in between. We take pride in turning stories into powerful assets.

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