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Does Your Company Have a Web Video Plan?

Industry analysts predict that nearly 90% of all web traffic will be video by 2013. That means that if you haven’t included web video your business strategy, you should. We can help you integrate web video into almost every aspect of your business.

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Public/Community/Investor Relations
  • Human Resources
  • Training

It’s Not Advertising, It’s Branded Content

We don’t prescribe to the traditional advertising model of jamming our clients brand down consumers throats. Instead, we make Branded Content that educates and entertains your customers, while subtly integrating your brand messages. You earn valuable face-time with customers who actively want to watch your content.

Examples Include:

  • How-To Videos Featuring Your Product or Service
  • Community Involvement Showcase
  • Publicity Stunt/Event Video
  • Customer Testimonial /Case Studies
  • Expert Opinion/Insights Video
  • Celebrity Endorsements/Appearances
  • Scripted Entertainment (Skits, Music Videos, etc…)

Services That Scale To Your Demand

Whether you need a single custom video, or a complex web video campaign, we can accommodate you. We have three pricing strategies that should fit your needs to a tee.

  1. Pay-Per-Video: Perfect for those who only need a video or two.
  2. Pay-Per-Campaign: Your entire video campaign rolled into one price.
  3. Monthly Retainer: When you need fresh video content every month.