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1) Discovery  

A conversation with you and your team to discuss goals, key messages, audience, timeline, budget and any other specific project requirements.

2) Creative 

We take what we’ve learned and build creative for your project. This can be as simple as a basic outline to complete scripts and storyboards.

3) Pre-Production 

We schedule your production and sort through the logistics. Casting, crew, equipment, locations, permits… just a few of the things to consider.

4) Production  

We go to camera. Depending on your project, this can be as simple as a 2 person crew at your event, to a team of 25 on your national commercial.

5) Post-Production  

We sort, assemble and polish the raw elements of your project into a sparkling finished gem. Then, we review with you and revise as needed.

6) Delivery  

We deliver your video project in multiple formats. We can also provide the raw footage and always store additional copies for safe keeping.

Seeding & Measurement 

This is where we find your audience and push your content to them through paid, earned and owned channels. Then, we measure how they engage and adapt. Part art, part science and guaranteed results.

Hosting & Optimization

We make sure your video content is uploaded to the relevant channels and is properly optimized for both humans and search engines.

Organic Seeding

We reach out to publishers of relevant websites, blogs and social channels and lobby them to share your content with their audience.

Paid Promotion

We serve your video to your target audience through various paid channels on a CPV (Cost Per View) model. Reach millions with your content.

Analytics & Adaptation

We tell you who is watching your content and how they are engaging with it. Deep video analytics allow us to adapt intelligently.

Case Study – Delicious Results With St Louis

St Louis Bar & Grill challenged us to promote a new wing flavour. We built a wing eating competition and brought in YouTube Star and competitive eater Furious Pete. Then we shot the video, seeded the campaign and measured the results.

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